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Skills & Software

  • Worldbuilding

  • Cinematics

  • Game trailers

  • Voice direction

  • Dialogue

  • Item descriptions

  • Character sheets

  • Quests

  • Barks

  • Copywriting

  • UI text

  • Short story

  • Unreal Engine

  • Twine

  • Ink

  • Scrivener

  • Jira

  • Confluence

  • Perforce

  • Google Suite

  • Word

  • Excel

(More available upon request)


Wrote VO and helped guide talent in recording session 

This is a sample quest I wrote for Pigeon Simulator, a comedy game about taking over the world with your feathered comrades. Shared with permission from HakJak Studios.

A few selects from over 200 item descriptions written for various experiences on Roblox

Contributed to narrative writing, game design, project management, and visual scripting in Unreal Engine

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