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More Than A Minion:
A League of Legends Musical

During Riot Games' Thunderdome, a yearly event where Rioters assemble teams to work on a project of their choice for 48 hours, fourteen of us united to create More Than A Minion: A League of Legends Musical. The play was a love letter to the unsung heroes on Summoner's Rift, the minions. It answered the question: What would a minion do when they realized there was more to life than marching down a lane to battle? With no time to waste, our crew produced a lively and endearing story complete with original music, costume, dancing, and set design. 

We had planned to run the show three times, but due to mounting audience enthusiasm and interest throughout the day, we ended up performing seven times! Everyone's voices were pretty much shot by the end, and it was totally worth it. 


Read the script.

Role: Co-Writer, Lead Actor, Dancer, Singer

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