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League of Legends
Brand Voice

Challenge: League of Legends is beloved by millions of players around the globe, and over the years Rioters (employees working on the game) had been encouraged to use their own voices to engage with players. While this worked well in the early years, we needed to align on what good looked like as the game and company continued to grow.

Process: I worked closely with the communications lead and other writers to capture the spirit of the IP into a cohesive voice guide that supported anyone writing for the brand. This included a persona, character traits, do's and don'ts, and general writing philosophies. 

While I can't share the actual voice guide, I'd be happy to chat about my process creating it. You can also see it in execution on the League website, which I wrote for. 


And as an alternative example of my work you can view the full voice guide I wrote for Stellari, a sustainable womenswear startup. 

Role: Lead Copywriter

Other voice guides we can chat about as well:

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift 

  • Farmfluence


  • Roblox

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