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League of Legends 

Eclipse Leona Campaign

Challenge: Excite players who main Leona with her two new Legendary skins, Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona. Secondarily, introduce two new skin lines, Eclipse and Coven, to players.

Idea: Answer to her light.

Leona is well-known as a lady knight who uses the power of the sun to vanquish her enemies and protect her team. With her Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins, Leona was now rising to protect the land from an ancient, evil coven.


We surveyed Leona players to understand why they love to play her: They feel unbreakable, in total control, inescapable. No one is as strong as they are. For this campaign, we gave that solo badass heroism a celestial spotlight (video below). 

We also released a theme song  and game trailer that featured the voice, textures, animations, VFX, and SFX from the Eclipse and Coven skins while staying true to the thematic fantasy.

Role: Creative Director

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