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Brand Positioning

Challenge: Codashop, a popular game currency marketplace in Asia, was expanding into the US and other western markets. However, the important solutions it offered Asian players weren't ones western players needed--going outside of a game to buy digital credits was a pretty foreign idea. We needed to reposition Codashop's value for its newest community.

Solution: Codashop's strength is its player focus, so we leaned into that community-oriented advantage. We introduced a mascot inspired by one of the most beloved non-playable characters in games: the traveling merchant.


This familiar archetype would help players understand Codashop's purpose in their gaming journey. Like a merchant, this character appears when you most need them, and it's always a welcome sight to see them and pick up their latest wares in preparation for your next adventure.


In addition to developing this idea with the US team, I also wrote a new brand voice guide that was more culturally relevant to western audiences and created the tagline "Prepare for Play," which features prominently on the new website I wrote for as well.

Role: Brand Consultant

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