It's Pronounced "My"

Hey! I'm Mai. I'm a writer by trade, and a creative at heart. Most of my professional experience falls into video game marketing, with experience in food & beverage, auto, beauty, personal care, media, and household goods.

My absolute favorite thing to do is help shape voice and creative for mission-driven brands, from being player-first at Riot Games to championing a more sustainably-minded world at Stellari.

Currently, I'm searching for opportunities to work in mental health and tech in a startup environment, or to stretch into more branding work. I'm passionate about making the world a happier, healthier place for everyone, and using technology to connect people together. I'm also excited to help build lifelong relationships between brands and the people who love them. If that's something you're working on too, let's team up!



"Not only is Mai a talented writer, but she has also blossomed into a true creative leader. A transition that's due to her innate ability, but more importantly, her proactive willingness to take on a bigger role in her projects. Beyond her work, Mai is also one of the best collaborators I've seen in my career. She cares deeply about the success of her teammates and fellow writers, and invests a great amount of time and effort to ensure that she can help them achieve their best."

- Rich Elmore, Senior Marketing Director at NFL

"Mai was the heart, brain, and muscle behind many of my team's most impactful projects. Her quality of work, sincere collaborative mindset, and creative ambition made her a sought after force multiplier. Mai is a multiple-threat creative copywriter - capable of creative and strategic direction of campaigns and tactics, from developing positioning statements, log lines, and brand pillars through 'making the thing.'"

Chad Wavell-Jimenez, Head of Growth at Scopely

"Mai is a very rare creative, one who is truly capable of original and creative thought yet at the same time able to be amazingly organised and conscientious. I honestly can not recommend her highly enough. She punches way beyond her weight and manages to always have a smile on her face. A pleasure to work with."

- Charlie Byron, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Omada Health


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2019 - The Shorty Awards // Best in Games (Winner)
2019 - The Shorty Awards // Best in Multi-Platform Campaign (Finalist)
2016 - Shorty Awards // Twitter Presence (Finalist)
2015 - IAC // Best Photography Integrated Ad Campaign
2015 - IAC // Best Of Show Integrated Ad Campaign
2015 - CLIO Key Art Awards // Games: Social Media (Silver)


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